Water leaks can arise from plumbing problems, roof issues or A/C complications. Whether you are faced with a small or large amount of water, quick action can avoid costly repairs down the road. We can help to address the source of the issue, remove the standing water, dry out affected materials and clean or repair the damaged property.

We use the latest moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to locate the water and use professional high capacity water extracting equipment, air movers, dehumidifiers and HEPA air purifiers to return your home to normal moisture levels.

Stella Restoration’s shrink wrap roof system for residential and commercial roofs are the only answer for mitigating loss when a wall is blown down or there is roof damage. Blue Tarps will only last a short time and will not protect your home, business or valuables. Stella Restoration shrink wrap’s temporarily keep families in their home, while eliminating the cost of relocation. Whether your roof needs protection or has a construction delay our team has the experience in commercial or residential buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our shrink wrap jobs have lasted longer than originally thought by several construction clients. This saves them from a rushed alternative solution, damages and any additional delays.

Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration

Our crews are trained for productivity, safety and are supervised during every project. We quickly mobilize our team and route the necessary materials to job site within hours. Contact us today to discuss your project. 800-000-0000 Typically we request photos to best gain an understanding of your situation. This is best to understand the requirements needed for the most effective solution. Stella Restoration works closing with many construction companies and or insurance related situations. With our experience we provide the most positive outcome for our customers.

Don’t ever wonder how to cover your roof again; shrink wrapping your roof is the safest solution for your project. Do not replace your tarp again and again! With shrink wrap your simply fastening it to your roof with a heat tool. Stella Restoration shrink wrap’s can last a year or more in the Florida sun, giving the homeowner or business owner time to secure a roofer or contractor. Once the shrink wrap is applied the home or business can be dried out; reducing the chance of mold and making reconstruction a faster. Stella Restoration helps you get back to life and put the natural disaster behind you.

Water Damage Restoration

– Shrink wrap offers superior weather protection in every environment.
– Stella Restoration shrink wrap is high quality material more flexible than a tarp and last longer.
– All Shrink Wrap is UV inhibitors to protect for UV Breakdown.
– Consistent results for a clean, professional on every project.
– Flame retardant shrink wrap that meets or exceeds guidelines available.



Stella Restoration Professionals are dedicated to responding immediately to any emergency to your home or business. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost.


Stella Restoration Professionals specialize in shrink wrapping any size roof. They have extensive knowledge on which shrink wrap materials would work best for your property.


Our advanced techniques and quality materials help keep your property dry and free of any further damage to your home and belongings.